About the Project
“Woman for Woman”

“Woman for woman” is a platform launched by the NGO “Women’s Perspectives” aimed at helping women in crisis. We publish stories from their perspective since no one can tell her story better than the woman herself. We are enhancing the voice of women in crisis so that their stories could reach those who are able to help. In this way, we are also working towards strengthening women’s solidarity where one woman can directly help the other.
The platform offers simple and direct support tools: financial help, purchasing food or medications as well as ordering services and offering work.

We publish the stories of women in crisis on our website and social media – completely anonymously. Each story is assessed prior to the publication so our benefactors can be certain that their good intentions will indeed help the woman in need. When the benefactor is willing to help, she/he leaves us an e-mail or texts us on social media. After this, we provide her/him with banking information and contacts of the woman she/he would like to help.To support activities of our project, such us psychological and legal support of women in need, delivery fees, administrative cost, etc, please, donate to the organization.

What we did so far

Since the project was launched 1,5 years ago we have helped 110 women – some of them were helped once, some others – multiple times. Several women are in such a severe crisis that we have helped them regularly (e.g. every 2-3 months). Overall, around 770 000 UAH (about 25 000 EURO) of financial help has reached their beneficiaries as well as many packages with food, hygiene products, clothes, shoes, medications, gadgets (smartphones, laptops, tablets), books, toys, bed linen.

Anyone can help by choosing one of the stories on our website and directly sending the chosen woman in crisis necessary goods or money, offering a job in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa or an online job, ordering some services or products from her.Any woman in Ukraine who is in crisis can ask for help. She needs to fill in the questionnaire on our website, we review her responses, decide on whether to publish this specific story and finally contact her.

Most often, we get requests for help from the following categories: survivors of domestic or sexual violence, those who ended up in crisis rooms or shelters with no means to support themselves, women with disabilities, those who have no capacity to work, women with several children and no husband/partner facing troubles with getting a job, internally displaced women, women affected by war and those living under occupation.

The platform is operated by the team of the NGO Centre “Women’s Perspectives”. For over 24 years, our NGO has helped women in difficult circumstances related to domestic violence, workplace discrimination, unemployment and other factors.

Ask for Help

To get help please tell us about yourself by filling in the questionnaire. Your story will appear on the website and be available for our benefactors to read without your name, surname or contact information published.

All the information indicated is treated as strictly confidential and only the project coordinator will be able to see it.

If you can provide services for a fee, would like to find a full-time or a part-time job, please indicate this in the questionnaire and we will inform the benefactors about it.

Fill in the Questionnaire